WiFi Services

If you’re looking for a WiFi service provider to keep your business in the loop with today’s technology, then Norwich Cloud is the company for you. We offer competitive pricing and customer service that will help make your workplace more productive than ever before!

The Norwich Cloud team prides itself on being more than just a WiFi services provider and installer. That’s why we go out of our way to ensure that all of our customers are happy and satisfied with their experience.

Why use WiFi

One of the biggest benefits of WiFi is that it offers a wireless connection. This means you can get online from any device, anywhere in your office. If someone needs to access their email while out in the warehouse, they can easily do so by using one of our devices! And if there’s no room for an antenna outside the building, we can install a wireless booster inside to enhance coverage.

Another great thing about WiFi is that it’s not limited by the length of an Ethernet cable and doesn’t need extra staff to manage connectivity. This means you’ll save time, money, and effort with our professional service.

Site Survey

We will initially complete a site survey to:

  • Understand your WiFi requirements.
  • Determine whether your current network infrastructure is suitable for your needs.
  • Advise you about hardware that can improve your WiFi coverage and ease of use.

With our knowledge and experience with WiFi networks, we will recommend the best product for your needs. We have installed large-scale holiday villages with up to 500 users across 5 acres that are fully covered by a multiple access points. That all connect Wirelessly back to a central point of distribution. For maximum speed and efficiency.

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