Off-Site Virtual Machine (VM) Backups with Norwich Cloud: Keep Your Data Safe

The digital age is upon us. We are living in an era where data has never been more valuable and the need for disaster recovery is at an all-time high. Norwich Cloud’s Off-Site VM Backups is a solution to keep your business up and running during unforeseen disasters.

What is a Virtual Machine

A virtual machine (VM) is a software that allows you to run another operating system within your own existing hardware. This can be helpful in many ways, such as having your server as an image that can be deployed at the click of a mouse, and have you up and running again in no time at all. Or the testing of different platforms before deploying them on the production server or even running one OS side-by-side with another. VMs are not limited to just hosting other operating systems, however. You can also use a VM to host other programs or even separate parts of your own operating system.

Advantages to Backing up Your VM

Backing up your VM is essential because it provides a failsafe for when disaster strikes. If your physical server room is attacked, or there’s some other unforeseen event that causes damage to the data center of host hardware, you’ll still have an off-site copy of all your important information on hand with Norwich Cloud.

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