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Why choose VoIP ? The main benefits are:

  • No up front capital expenditure on the phone system or software allowing you to invest cash in your business.

  • Typically takes 15 minutes to deploy per user meaning minimal downtime for your business.Horizon Call Management

  • You only pay for the services and number of users keeping costs in line with productivity.

  • To add or delete a service such as voice mail, voice recording or conferencing is simple and quick.

  • Users in different offices or at home are all part of the same system allowing you to deploy staff wherever they are needed and most productive.

  • All services are available on a 30 day rolling contract giving you total control and flexibility.

  • Never miss an incoming call, you can be notified or easily see a log of received/missed calls.

  • Callers will never receive a busy tone, they will be able to leave a message if no-one can take their call.

  • One phone number anywhere, callers need dial one number to reach your desk or mobile phone simultaneously. And ongoing calls can be moved seamlessly  from one device to the other with a single voice mailbox for both devices.

  • A business continuity solution meaning unexpected events will not prevent your company from making or receiving calls.

  • You have total flexibility over the Phone numbers that you wish to use, you can keep and use your existing numbers or extend your business reach no matter where you are located.

Polycom VVX410

For the end-user, the experience of using our managed telephony is identical to that of a normal phone so no further training is required. It looks, feels and behaves the same. The main difference is the wide set of features available which is tailored to meet your companies requirements and can be changed at any time.