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Services we provide

Broadband Services

We can provide you with telephone lines if required, along with broadband internet access through either ADSL, FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) or an ethernet circuit. All of which are managed by us giving us complete control should there be any issues. This also means that you will only have one bill for all of your services.

VoIP – Voice over IP

A VoIP system uses the internet connection to provide your phone network on a managed server. Along with the benefits of a hosted server VoIP allows you complete control over incoming calls; you will never miss a customer again !

Server Virtualization

Norwich Cloud have a vast experience of Virtualizing existing servers, this means you can take your current server data convert it and use it seamlessly as if nothing had changed.

Off Site VM Backups

We can provide your company with a secure offsite backup solution for your Virtual Machines, using your broadband connection you can connect to our backup servers and create an offsite bootable backup which gives you both disaster recovery and peace of mind. We can start your offsite backup and you can work remotely if needed.

Managed WiFi

We can provide you with a managed WiFi system, whether you are a single site, single user or a holiday village site spread over a number of acres, or a hotel. We can help you to provide a easy to use and manage system. All managed from a central point giving easy setup and support.

Microsoft 365 

We will set up and migrate your existing email data to 365 email, safely and securely ensuring that you do not lose any of your important data during the process.